Barry Haycock
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This is the personal website of Barry Haycock. I'm a computational solid state physicist- I've recently completed my Ph.D and taken up the offer of a PostDoc in the the Lewis Group in West Virginia University.

This website showcases much of my academic work. In the Other Stuff!! section you'll find some details about the Mountaineer Area RoboticS team, who are a high-school level team who build robots to compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition, whom I serve as a mentor. You'll find a video of my Ph.D. Thesis defense on the Thesis page and you'll find videos of seminars I've delivered for FIREBALL on the FIREBALL page.

The original idea was to make a site that implemented a searchable version of the Ph.D. Thesis in a shameless act of self-promotion. As it happens, this immediately became a bigger project and I'm allowing it to grow as needs be.

If you do make use of the information in my thesis, I kindly ask that you reference it appropriately.
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