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Truthfully, not sure what to put in here. I have so far achieved a Practitioner, Level IV grade in Krav Maga, which is an Isreali Martial Art. I train at the IKMF Studio here in Morgantown. Anyone who's interested in joining me (beginners are always welcome), just talk to me in the lab. First class is free and they do "seminars" from time to time, where you spend all day learning a lot of techniques from all levels.

I have a "Side-Projects" website over at , where I keep some notes (such as some code snippets) and my personal projects, as well as play with new ideas for this site." I'm also currently testing a new website generation tool over there, from, feedback is appreciated. I tinker with robots a bit (when time allows) and updates are there. This is just a collection of pictures and a few bits and pieces... including the eyes I prototypyed with frightening results.

I've also got to fill in some stuff here on the Mountaineer Area RoboticS (MARS) team. They're a high school group that participate in the FIRST Robotics Competition every year- I love working with those kids, every one of them is awesome.

Myself and a few friends mainatin a web-comic, called "The Middle Grounds".

Finally, a friend of mine, Nathan, is working on building a motorbike. There are photos that simply have to go up here soon.