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FIREBALL is a suite of programs designed to perform calculations using ab initio tight-binding molecular dynamics, having favorable accuracy/efficiency balance Based on TB-DFT (Tight-Binding Density Functional Theory), Fireball code is performed as an efficient first-principles exploratory tool allowing to handle complex systems including thousands of atoms. It is maintained by the Lewis Group in West Virginia University. The new Fireball-Lightning suite promises to be faster and more portable, the development of which is one of my major projects.

The FIREBALL World Developer's Congress took place in the University of Central Florida in Orlando from June 18th-21st 2012, hosted by the Rahman Reseach Group there. This was a fantastic opportunity for the many collaborators' to gather and develop a forward-looking development program for the package.

Videos of talks are available here. Where I delivered some 10 hours of technical lectures. The Fireball-Lightning documentation, which was written from the source code by the the Lewis Group one documentation-day afternoon with tutorials and introductions written by myself, is available as a pdf download here, or in HTML here.